+1 # ticketmeister 2011-02-15 11:02
Beginners or those uncomfortable with the backcountry can go to the Keystone Nordic Center and pay to walk around the golf course looking at $MM homes for scenery.

A MUCH better and free choice is to ride up Montezuma Road toward the quaint and very rustic (think Cicely Alaska) town of Montezuma. There are miles of trails and 4 established trailheads there where you can walk for a little or as long as you want.

About 1/2 way toward Montezuma on the Left there is a very large maintained parking log and trailhead. this is the most used trail and easiest and also has the most 'pet-messes' along the way since locals take their dogs there for a romp in the snow very often.

In Montezuma, turn right and park along the road and walk up to Saints John (ghost mining town). There are signs pointing it out. This is a steep climb at the beginning for 1/2 mile, then you're in a beautiful saddle valley and gently climbing from there.

Just past Montezuma, there is a road to the left where there are several places to park and walk up Webster Pass. Alot of this is privately owned and posted. Walk along the power lines to get started and heed the 'no parking' signs. Easy Trail. Tends to be more snowmobile traffic.

The best is if you keep going up the road past Montezuma to the end. There is a large trailhead here and trails that keep branching off right and left as you explore this beautiful valley. You can go all day here or just a short jaunt.
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-3 # ksskiier 2011-02-15 11:03
Who would want to go snowshoeing when you can downhill ski?

I don't get it.
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+4 # boulderhippie 2011-02-15 11:06
Same people that prefer to hike instead of mountain biking. It's an altogether different way to enjoy the outdoors and get a workout. Have you tried it ksskiier?
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