1. What is the best way to buy lift tickets? Inspecting

    Where can you get a discount or the best price by buying online, in advance or at the resort?


+1 # ticketmeister 2011-02-15 10:54
New for 2010-11 season, the resort is offering 2 things to help Keystone guests get a good deal.

1) The guaranteed best prices are offered ONLINE at www.[censored]. NOTE: IF you purchase 7 days in advance. In the past you had to package lodging with your ticket or go to a kiosk in Denver to get the lowest price. Now anyone can buy online. TIP: if you procrastinate and don't buy 7 days in advance DON'T go to the ticket window. The same lowest prices are available at kiosks in rental shops and grocery stores that are off-mountain. Even the City Market in Dillon just 10 mins from Keystone has one.

2) This year a Keystone/A-basin only ticket is available for about $4 less than the Breckenridge/KS/A-Basin. And if you buy a 3+ day pass you STILL can ski on day at Breck or Vail or BC. So don't buy the Breck ticket unless you want to ski Breck alot and you'll save $4/person/day approx.

Bottom Line = Plan ahead, buy online and DONT GO TO THE TICKET WINDOW NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO.
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